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Ceiling Hoists & Mobile Hoists

Easy-to-use ceiling and mobile hoist solutions assist carers when lifting and transferring people with impaired mobility. Carelift Services are experts in finding different solutions for comfortable and safe hoisting, which also enhances the work environment and safety for the carer.

Ceiling Hoists

Molift Air 200
The compact, powerful hoist optimised for long term care (SWL 205 kg)
Molift Air 205
When IRC and /or propulsion is required (SWL 205 kg)
Molift Air 300
Small, compact and easy to install
Molift Air 350
Powerful and flexible with outstanding lifting capacity (SWL 350 kg)
Molift Air 500
For comfortable and dignified care of plus size users (SWL 500 kg)
Molift Nomad
With a unique curved design for comfortable and spacious position

Mobile Hoists

Molift Quick Raiser 205
A sit to stand hoist with outstanding lifting capacity
Molift Smart 150
Light, foldable and transportable without tools
Molift Partner 255
With vertical hoisting pattern for excellent stability
Molift Mover 180
A light weight and compact hoist, suitable both in home care and institutional environments
Molift Smart 150
Light, foldable and transportable without tools
Molift Mover 300
When a high safe working load is needed
Molift Quick Raiser 1
Compact design and excellent manoeuvrability even in narrow spaces
Molift Quick Raiser 2
Sit-to-stand hoist with electrically adjustable leg base
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