Our guide how much different stairlifts cost, including prices of straight, curved and reconditioned stairlifts

When it comes to stairlift prices, remember not all stairlifts are the same. Prices can depend on:

  • Do you stairs need a straight or curved rail?
  • Will we need to trim the windowsill or move radiators?
  • What additional functions and features will you choose for your stairlift, such as a power swivel to ease getting off the lift
How much do stairlifts cost?

The layout of your staircase will be the deciding factor in which kind of stairlift rail is suitable for your home. Curved stairlifts, for stairs that have turns or landings can be built to match the exact corners and turns of your staircase, however the cost of the installation reflects the level of technical expertise and craftsmanship that curved stairlifts require. Stairlifts for straight stairs do generally cost less, but are still made to measure and can be customised to suit your taste and needs.

For these and all the reasons above it is impossible to give an exact idea of cost for any individual staircase or user without one of our friendly surveyors visiting you at home to prepare a personalised quote.

The 2018 Which? Best Stairlift Brands showed that the industry average price of a stairlift (including reconditioned, straight and curved) was £3,126.

Generally, straight stairlifts cost less than curved, and you can save even more with reconditioned models also offer customers a saving in pricing, however, curved stairlifts can cost significantly more. We don’t believe in the old hard sales techniques, but would rather give you all the information to make an informed decision.

Give us a call today 01603 433603 and see if a Carelift stairlift could help you keep on being you?

Carelift Services will always offer a fair and honest quote for you to consider in your own time, we put as much information on our website about the stairlifts including the from prices of each lift, these can be used as a guide but are subject to change depending on the differentials mentioned above.

All our deals, special offers and quotes include:
  • All preparation work including installing power points, windowsill trimming, moving radiators etc as required.
  • Installation by qualified installers
  • 2 years’ free warranty including expert aftercare, advice and on-call engineers available 24/7
  • Free annual servicing.

All our stairlifts both straight or curved are customised to suit you and your home. Call now to arrange a visit to get your
FREE personalised quote.

Stairlift Pricing FAQs
How much does it cost to run a stairlift?

After the initial cost, a standard stairlift. will cost around £8 a year to run.

Do I have to pay to have my stairlift serviced?

We recommend that you service your stairlift once a year and Carelift Services includes this with all new stairlift purchased. Once your warranty period has expired during which all your servicing needs are covered, we are happy to offer annual service contracts to ensure your stairlift continues to perform at its best.

Can i get the cost of a stairlift covered by a grant?

There is not an official stairlift grant, however, if you are eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant, it is possible to get your stairlift installation partially funded by your local council.

Are Stairlifts VAT Exempt?

The vast majority of stairlift customers are eligible for a VAT exemption. There are two types of VAT exemption which provide discounts to eligible customers.

How much do straight stairlifts cost?

The average price of a straight stairlift for a standard 13 step staircase is around £2,000. Narrow stairs, longer staircases and choice of straight stairlift manufacturer may increase the price.

How much do curved stairlifts cost?

The average price of a standard single-turn curved stairlift is around £4,000. Narrow curved stairs, longer staircases and stairs with more than one turn will be more expensive, as will your choice of curved stairlift manufacturer.

Why are curved stairlifts more expensive?

Curved stairlifts are more expensive to manufacture as the rail is curved. They are often manufactured specifically for the dimension of a staircase.

What does it cost to repair a stairlift?

Stairlift repairs and call-out fees are usually covered in a maintenance contract which is typically included when you buy a new stairlift. Make sure you check your maintenance contract and warranty details for adequate cover. Extended warranties are available from the stairlift manufacturers upon request.

How much is stairlift insurance?

Typically, you won’t need stairlift insurance if your stairlift is within warranty period. However, if out of warranty you can opt for extended warranty with the manufacturer or buy mobility equipment insurance, which covers stairlifts, from a 3rd party provider.