Staircase Measuring Guide

  1. Take note of any fixtures and fittings, such as window sills, doorways, hand rails, radiator etc that could cause a block to the stairlift.
  2. Choose which side of the stairway you would like your stairlift to sit.
  3. Measure the overall length of the stair case (from the ground floor to the nose of the top tread) – From this dimension we can calculate the rail / track length.
  4. Measure the overall staircase width – the stairs may vary, however record the measurement at its narrowest point.
  5. Measure the clearance at the bottom of the staircase.
  6. Measure the clearance at the top of the staircase – (Measure the distance from the nose of the top landing to the nearest obstruction.)

PLEASE NOTE: The usual minimum space needed at the top and bottom of the staircase is approximately 18" to 20". If the space available on your staircase is smaller, it means you may require a hinge track system, this will allow maximum space to operate the stairlift safely.

Clearance Measuring Tips

Measuring the clearing distance gives you an idea of the space available at the bottom and top of the stairs. These measurements are essential in identifying the amount of space and the size and type of stairlift that will work best for your home.

If the stairlift is going to be close to an obstacle like a door, you need to know how far the obstacle is so it can be considered when designing and installing the stairlift.

In some cases, other measurements may need to be taken, depending on the types of stairlift and staircase design, for this we will arrange a no-obligation home survey to discuss your needs in person.

Quick and Professional Stairlift Installation

To provide our customers with a custom stairlift service, our friendly surveyor will arrange to see you at home, there we will measure and make a technical assessment of your stairs.

We will explain our stairlift options and provide a written no-obligation quote, our goal is to ensure you are provided with the right information to make the best choice for you and your home.


Stairlift Maintenance and Repairs

Once you have a stairlift installed, it is likely to be used frequently, possibly multiple times every single day. Understanding the needs our customers have upon these products.

Carelift Services are on hand to conduct any stairlift servicing that is required, so in the unlikely event of a breakdown you know you are in expert hands 365 day a year, even available to attend urgent situations the same day and out of normal working hours, weekends and bank holidays.


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