Staircases come in many different shapes and sizes, and knowing which stairlift will suit your stairs but just as importantly support your needs is what Care Lift Services does. There are two main types of stairlifts: those that can travel up and down straight staircases and those that can navigate a curve in a staircase, both available in a range of designs with multiple options.

Norfolk Straight Stairlifts UK

The ideal solution for a standard straight staircase with no bends or can be fitted in pairs when a staircase has multiple flights when there is a landing between floors.

A curved stairlift is bespoke in design and tailor-built to a staircase which has any corners, twists, bends.

Second hand stairlifts reconditioned

These are the most cost-effective choice for a stairlift, these products undergo a full refurbishment prior to installation and also include parts and call out warranty.

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