Molift Air 500

For comfortable and dignified care of plus size users

(SWL 500 kg)

The Molift Air 500 is a ceiling hoist for plus-size users up to 500 kg. It is designed to eliminate strenuous manual lifting, create a better work environment for carers and enable good and dignified care for plus size users. The outstanding lifting capacity and user-friendly design make this hoist an important aid in the healthcare sector.

Maximum comfort and ease of use
The Molift Air 500 combines ease of use for staff, with maximum comfort and dignified care for users. Smooth rail transitions and gentle starts and stops ensure the most comfortable and effective lifts and transfers for users while ensuring that they feel secure and supported at every stage.

When less time and effort is required for lifting and moving users, carers’ capacity for better, more personal care is freed up. As a result, the quality of care provided improves, while staff injuries, sick days, and turnover lessen.

Low product lifecycle costs

The Molift Air 500 features an attractive design and carefully chosen materials. The solution is built around a single motor unit and a single strap, which makes the unit very compact and blends perfectly into the environment. The hoist has also been engineered for maximum durability and low lifetime service costs, making it a good investment for any care environment.

Together with the Molift Rail system and slings, the Molift Air 500 solves most daily lift situations in healthcare and other patient handling environments. It’s a complete solution in all healthcare segments

Molift Air 500 Features

molift air 500 ceiling hoist

Outstanding lifting capacity

Air 500 has a lift capacity (SWL) of 500 kg. The size and weight of the hoist make it very easy to use for the carer, during different transfer situations.

molift air 500 ceiling hoist

A large lifting interval

Air 500 has a 3-meter lifting strap as standard. The increased length means that lifts from the floor are possible. The Molift 4-point sling bar gives greater headroom for the user.

Molift air 500 safety

Quick-release device for trolley

Air 500 is easy to handle during installation and servicing, due to a clever quick, and safe release function. With a simple grip, the motor is connected to/disconnected from its trolley.


Single motor unit for 500 kg

With its standard 3 meters lifting strap Molift Air has one of the largest standard hoisting intervals on the market.

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