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Stairlift Extended Warranties and Guarantees

Carelift Services offer extended warranties on both new and reconditioned stairlifts. The extended warranty also includes, parts, annual service and call outs for the full 12 months, if you require longer than a 12 month contract speak to our helpful team to discuss your individual needs.

All our stairlifts come with the 12 month warranty when purchased. However, after this period we can offer additional cover for £245 per year, this includes a service and 24/7 priority call-outs guaranteeing that your stairlift will continue to run safely and smoothly.

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If your warranty period expires soon we can offer you the chance to purchase an extended warranty at that time or a maintenance contract. If you have not purchased the stairlift through Carelift Services, extended warranties can be arranged via a survey of the existing stairlift.

Starlift Warranty FAQ’s

What kind of warranty will my Stairlift have?

All our new stairlifts come with a standard 2 year warranty, this can be extended at the end of this period. For reconditioned stairlifts we offer a 12 month warranty within the sale. Rental stairlifts include servicing and maintenance call-outs for the duration of the agreed rental period.

What do stairlift warranties cover?

All of our standard and extended stairlift warranties cover the cost of replacement defect parts and labour whilst providing you peace of mind that there would be no extra cost to you if a problem were to arise.

Is servicing included in extended stairlift warranties?

With all our extended warranties we include an annual servicing of the stairlift, we will arrange this with you when we arrange our survey. If you wish to take the extended warranty at the same time as buying a new stairlift, we will arrange the servicing by contacting you before it is due the following year.

Summary Of Stairlift Warranty

A Stairlift warranty is a promise that our experts will examine any lift and make any required repairs. Many manufacturers provide various types of warranty coverage. If it’s utilized for an extended period, a surcharge may apply. If your stairlift ever breaks down, contact the stairlift company to get it repaired.

An extended warranty will protect you in the event of a malfunction. One-year and multi-year stairlift warranties are available. We include annual routine service in the warranty fees they charge.

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