Step Lifts

Step lifts are a simple and safe solution for wheelchair users and those who have difficulty with a few steps to access to the home or garden. Carelift Services offer our step lift service across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, and Cambridgeshire. 

Step Lifts for the home

Step lifts consist of a platform that travels up and down a set of steps, designed to be compact,  safe and practical, they use intuitive controls so that the lift  navigates small changes in elevation.

Designed for both in and outdoor settings, step lifts provide much needed access to the entrances of the home giving easy access to the front door. Step lifts can also be used  outdoors to provide access to raised decks, gardens. and porches. 

Step lifts offer a safe and practical solution that is versatile, easy to use, and can be installed in a few days and in different settings to provide access to areas of your home or building. Carelift Services are proud to partner with Terry Lifts to provide the following step lift installations 


Common Questions about step lifts for the home

1How safe is a step lift
Step lifts feature safety sensors to prevent the lift from moving if an obstacle is detected. They are also weather-resistant durable materials so your step lift is safe from the elements
2How do i operate a step lift
Step lifts typically feature a platform that travels upwards along the rail system. Users can then move their wheelchair or step onto the platform, secure themselves safety and then use the controls to naviagte the lift. The platform runs smoothly and safely up or down to the level you require so the step lift is east to use.
3Where can i install a step lift?
Step lifts can be installed in various areas both indoors and outdoors. They are generally used in residential settings and public and commercial buildings. The are commonly used to provide access to the font of a home for those that need wheelchair accessibility over steps.
4What is a step lift?
A step lift, or commonly known as wheelchair step lift or platform lift, is a type of lift that moves in a vertical motion designed to provide accessibility for individuals with mobility needs, those that can't manage a few steps and wheelchair users.
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From our Norwich office we are able to install step lifts across East Anglia and the surrounding areas. Our highly skilled team are mobile which means we are never far away, with a stairlift engineer local to your area.

We are proud members of the British Healthcare Trades Association, and work within a Trading Standards Approved code of conduct which ensures an honest, accountable and trustworthy service. We consider and offer you a variety of options whilst ensuring we provide the right solution for your needs, home and budget.

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