How Much Does a Reconditioned Stairlift Cost?

Carelift Services reconditioned stairlifts start from £499 for a basic straight manual stairlift, including installation and 1 year warranty. The price of reconditioned stairlifts in the UK depend on the type of stairlift you require, the shape and size of your staircase and the condition of the reconditioned lift.

Other factors that will change the price of a reconditioned stairlift include, the model, brand, type and length of the track, straight and curved models, as well as any additional features and specifications that you may need to improve the stairlift’s functionality. 

how much does a reconditioned stairlift cost?
How Much Does a Curved Reconditioned Stairlift Cost?

If you are wondering how much a curved reconditioned stairlift will be then this usually works out about 50% the price of a new curved stairlifts. The price of a refurbished model can start from £595 for the Stannah 260 reconditioned stairlift. But again how much the stairlift will be depends on the same factors ( model, brand, type and length of the track, straight and curved models, as well as any additional features and specifications)

All Carelift Services reconditioned stairlifts include a parts and labour 1 year warranty and our expert technicians can discuss how much a reconditioned stairlift will be by visiting you in your home anywhere throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridge.

How much does renting a reconditioned stairlift cost?

Carelift Services also offer a rental service of some of our straight reconditioned stairlifts. Renting is a more economical option if you need the reconditioned stairlift for a set period of time such as if you’re recovering from a surgery or an accident. 

It can also come in handy if the user is not planning on remaining in the property in the longer term.

There’s usually an initial fee which for our reconditioned stairlift rentals is £250, which covers installation, removal, replacement parts, and other servicing costs during the contract period. 

You’ll also be required to make monthly payments for the duration of the contract. Carelift services rental costs are £50 per month, with a minimum of 1 month contract. This is considerably cheaper than buying a new or reconditioned stairlift.

Which is the cheapest reconditioned stairlift brand?

Having reviewed the prices of Acorn / Stannah / Handicare and others we found that Acorn reconditioned stairlifts and compared them to other providers, were most often the cheapest.  This combination of value and quality makes them, in our opinion, unbeatable.We offer a range of Acorn Reconditioned Stairlifts at great value prices.

Paying for a reconditioned stairlift

Many major stairlift companies, such as Acorn and Stannah Stairlifts, offer a range of different financing options to make purchase of their mobility aids easier. Even so, even used stairlifts are fairly expensive items and a good number of people who need them require some financial help, which can count towards purchase and service support.

If you have a chronic health condition or are registered disabled, you can claim a VAT exemption, which can reduce your costs by a sixth. You may also be eligible for grants from local authorities or social services in some areas. 

Some grants worth looking into include: 

There’s a big difference between the cost of second hand stairlifts and cost of reconditioned stairlifts? 

Reconditioned stairlifts must be taken back to the manufacturer or supplier before it’s available for resale, while a second hand stairlift has already been put to use by another user, with all the associated wear and tear. Therefore second hand stairlifts can be cheaper; but don’t be tempted to cut corners on safety by buying a second hand stairlift.

A used stairlift is not recommended for a number of reasons:

  • For starters, second hand stairlifts don’t come with installation services. Even though there are several DIY installation videos online, it’s not advisable to install second hand stairlifts yourself. This is because any errors could result in an injury or accident. Installation is best left to the professionals, meaning you should steer clear of second hand stairlifts.
  • Secondly, you don’t have any protection if a second hand stairlift develops a fault or isn’t in good working order. Who do you call if something goes wrong? Unlike reconditioned ones, second hand stairlifts do not come with a warranty.
  • You also have no idea of the service history of second hand stairlifts– are all its parts there and in good working condition? Has it been previously serviced or reconditioned? A lack of product documentation could end up costing you more in repairs or replacing missing parts.
  • A curved stairlift needs to be made to measure; as such, a second hand stairlifts track may not fit in your house.

As you can see, buying a second hand stairlift leaves a lot of room for error. If you’re looking for used stairlifts, a reconditioned model from a reputable company is a better choice than a second hand model. 

You get a fully refurbished, cheap, stair lift with all parts in good working order. Plus, help is available in case of a breakdown, which gives it an edge over second hand stairlifts.