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How to sell your used stairlift

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Sell your used stairlift to Carelift Services, we offer the removal and purchase of your used stairlifts. Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex, Norfolk. Book a Free Assessment Today.

If you have a Stairlift that you no longer need, we can help you in several ways:

Purchasing Stairlifts

We do buy some second hand stairlifts but it depends on the make, model and age.  If you contact us with these details, we will let you know if we might buy it from you and how much we would be prepared to pay.

If you have an Acorn stairlift, Brooks stairlift, handicare stairlift or Stannah Stairlift that’s up to 5 years old and is in good condition our professional engineers will remove it with the minimum of fuss and pay you there and then.

Removing Stairlifts

If you have a redundant stairlift that you cannot re-home or sell then we can remove it to scrap. Unfortunately it is often difficult to re-home or sell stairlifts and many good working stairlifts end their life in this way.

Our removal service includes removing all the wiring back to the fused spur or plug.  It does not include making good any holes or damage to walls, carpet, decor etc

Relocating / Moving your stairlift

If you have sold or purchased a straight stairlift privately and need it collecting and/or installing, or if you are moving house and need a stairlift relocating we can do it for you. Please note that we do not move curved stairlifts as these can be very difficult/costly to relocate. Please contact us for advice.

contact us on the form below with the make, model and age of your stairlift and we will email you to let you know if can buy your stairlift.

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