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Choosing to purchase a stairlift is an important life decision, not just because of the costs involved but also in terms of design and how it works with your staircase.

At Carelift Services, we work attentively with our customers to guarantee that we can supply you the best possible products and services from the best manufacturers.

Stairlift Frequently Asked Questions
Stairlift batteries are rechargeable but require a constant charge when not in use. If left off charge for a period of time causing them to perish they will not fully recover and then will require replacement.

The vast majority of stairlift customers are eligible for a VAT exemption. There are two types of VAT exemption which provide discounts to eligible customers.

There are currently no stairlift grants, however you can check if you are eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant. These are partially funded by your local council and will help cover the cost of a stairlift installation.

We recommend that you service your stairlift once a year, Carelift Services includes this with all new stairlift purchased. At the end of your warranty period, we are happy to offer annual service contracts to ensure your stairlift continues to perform at its best.

The average price of a standard single-turn curved stairlift is around £4,000. Narrow curved stairs, longer staircases and stairs with more than one turn will be more expensive, as will your choice of curved stairlift manufacturer.

The average price of a straight stairlift for a standard 13 step staircase is around £2,000. Narrow stairs, longer staircases and choice of straight stairlift manufacturer may increase the price.

After the cost of installation, it will cost you below £10 a year to run the stairlift via your electricity.

Typically, you won’t need stairlift insurance if your stairlift is within the warranty period. However, if your stairlift is out of warranty you can opt for an extended warranty with the manufacturer or buy mobility equipment insurance, which covers stairlifts, from a 3rd party provider.

Yes, your stairlift will require a constant source of power, in most cases, we can use a standard plug socket but in cases where this is not available, we can make the arrangements with professional local electricians on your behalf if preferred.

If your stairlift requires a repair then the call-out fees will be covered within the maintenance contract you have with us, this is included when you buy a new stairlift. With new and reconditioned stairlifts you will also have a warranty that covers you for a year. We advise that you check the expiry date of both the maintenance contract and warranty to ensure your stairlift has adequate cover. Extended warranties are available from stairlift manufacturers upon request.

In the event of a power cut in your home your stairlift will beep for a short while to warn you of the fact it is no longer on charge, it will still work for around ten journeys whilst the power is off although we recommend switching it off temporarily whilst the stairlift is unable to charge.

Stairlift batteries although rechargeable will need replacing after a while , due to being unable to set exact dates on replacement generally lasting between 3-5 years we recommend a replacement on your four year service to ensure reliability of your stairlift.

All reconditioned stairlifts are only supplied to a high standard, we will ensure that they are great value for money and long-lasting. All of our reconditioned lifts undergo a vigorous and full refurbishment process by specialist engineers who ensure that your stairlift is mechanically and electrically fully functional. We replace any worn parts and will ensure the lift is hygienically cleaned and comes with brand new batteries as standard. All our lifts are reconditioned to meet the relevant standard safety standards, exactly the same standards as with brand new stairlifts. There is no compromise in safety or quality when purchasing reconditioned stairlifts.

Curved stairlifts cost more to manufacture than straight stairlifts, the rail curves around the staircase and this creates a more specialist product to ensure that it fits your staircase. they are often manufactured specifically to the dimension of each individual staircase.

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Staircases come in many different shapes and sizes, and knowing which stairlift will suit your stairs but just as importantly support your needs is what Carelift Services does. There are two main types of stairlift: those that can travel up and down straight staircases and those that can navigate a curve in a staircase, both available in a range of designs with multiple options.

Norfolk Straight Stairlifts UK

The ideal solution for a standard straight staircase with no bends or can be fitted in pairs when a staircase has multiple flights when there is a landing between floors.

A Curved stairlift is bespoke in design and tailor-built to a staircase which has any corners, twists, bends.

Second hand stairlifts reconditioned

These are the most cost-effective choice for a stairlift, these products undergo a full refurbishment prior to installation and also include parts and call out warranty.


Carelift Services fitted my mother in laws stairlift. Really pleased with how quick we got it fitted.

A very pleasant engineer would definitely recommend.

Mr Cooper – Norwich Norfolk

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